Extreme® Latex, Powder Free


Available in cases of 10 boxes, each containing 100 gloves. For professionals who need exacting fit, enhanced grip and rugged durability EXTREME® Latex Powder Free is the perfect choice.

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For professionals who need exacting fit and rugged durability EXTREME® Latex Powder Free is the perfect choice. The lowest measurable protein rating and residual powder content below ASTM standard requirements proves this glove provides the ULTIMATE in BIOCOMPATABILITY!! This ensures your hands remain free of contact dermatitis in even the harshest environments. Computer regulated on-line micro-chlorination, combined with high temperature processing effectively fragment latex protein freeing them from the latex film. Subsequent extended fresh water leaching efficiently washes away protein allergens and production chemicals.The smooth interior surface provides excellent donnability while the fully textured exterior makes grip natural and sure.

Glove Specs ASTM 3578-00
Feature ASTM Extreme
Length: min. 220mm avg. 240mm
Palm Thickness: min. 3.2 mils (0.08mm) avg. 4 mils (0.10mm)
Finger Thickness: min. 3.2 mils (0.08mm) avg. 5.5 mils (0.14mm)
Tensile Strength
Before aging (MPa): min. 18 avg. 20
After aging (MPa): min. 14 avg. 18
Before aging: min. 650% avg. 700%
After aging: min. 500% avg. 580%
Protein rating(µg/g): < 300 µg/g < 60 µg/g
Powder Content (mg/glove) (ISO 11193) 2mg/glove 0.5mg/glove
pinhole (AQL): AQL 2.5 1.5 (better than international standards)
Glove Profile
Material Natural Latex
Type Non-sterile
Shape Ambidextrous
Sizes Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
Cuff Beaded
Glove Interior Micro-chlorinated Powder Free
Glove Exterior Textured / polymer coated
Usage For single use only
Quantities 100 gloves per dispenser box
Certifications & Licenses
Health Canada License #64114
CFIA certified for food handling
Order Numbers
OPXS-EX Extra Small
OPS-EX Small
OPM-EX Medium
OPL-EX Large
OPXL-EX Extra Large
Glove Attributes
Superior Biocompatability
Thicker and longer than standard exam gloves for enhanced protection
Micro-chlorinated to maintain glove durability and shelf life while efficiently removing allergenic material
Fully textured exterior surface and polymer coated for SUPER GRIP
Snug and true fit, ideal for precision tasks