Flamingo® Pink Nitrile, Powder Free


Available in cases of 10 boxes, each containing 200 gloves. Flamingo is just a bit roomier than the rest of the Ocean Pacific product line, available in feminine friendly, popular pink.

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Canada’s favourite Rose Pink Nitrile glove is now available in dispenser boxes of 200 to reduce the environmental impact of packaging.

Oh, so soft and flexible but don’t let this fool you, this glove boasts above average tensile strength and puncture resistance which ensures that your gloves can stand up to the demands of your workplace, keeping you protected from blood pathogens including HIV and Hepatitis.

A more generous fit than the rest of the Ocean Pacific line, Flamingo offers superior comfort for ladies with longer fingers who also like lower resistance across the palm.

Value and reliability, Flamingo offers you more! The Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL), for Flamingo is 1.0, which far exceeds the standard of 2.5, providing you with excellent value. This means that out of 200 gloves 5-6 gloves may have defects compared to 10-11 in most brands.
Although this may seem like a small savings it can add up over the coarse of a year.

Flamingo is priced right so that choice is no longer dictated by budget. Get the glove that works best for you!

Glove Specs ASTM 6319
Feature ASTM Flamingo
Length: min. 230mm avg. 240mm
Palm Thickness: min.  2 mils (0.05mm) avg. 3.2 mils (0.08mm)
Finger Thickness: min.  2 mils (0.05mm) avg. 4.3 mils (0.11mm)
Tensile Strength
Before aging (MPa): min. 14 avg. 18
After aging (MPa): min. 14 avg. 21.5
Before aging: min. 500% avg. 560%
After aging: min. 400% avg. 515%
Protein rating(µg/g): N/A Protein Free
pinhole (AQL): AQL 2.5 1.0 (better than international standards)
Puncture Resistance
Before aging: 2N min 4N
After aging: 2N min 4N
Glove Profile
Material Nitrile
Type Non-sterile
Shape Ambidextrous
Sizes Extra Small, Small, Medium
Cuff Beaded
Glove Interior Micro Chlorination, Powder Free
Glove Exterior Fingertip Textured
Usage For single use only
Quantities 200 gloves per dispenser box
Colour Pink
Certifications & Licenses
Health Canada License #64115
Certified for Chemotherapy handling ASTM D6978-05
CFIA certified for food handling
Order Numbers
OPXS-FL2 Extra Small
OPS-FL2 Small
OPM-FL2 Medium
Glove Attributes
ISO 13485:2003 Quality Management System Certified.